Market Scan

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With fast changing customer segments, needs, and competitive behavior, financial services firms have no choice but to be on top of their understanding of markets, and the opportunities and challenges they provide.

Cedar’s market scan framework leveraging the Delphi Technique, covers the following ground effectively.

  • Updated understanding of the regulator, including reading between the lines.
  • Deeper understanding of geographies using its micro-market modelling framework.
  • Strong understanding of customer segments in terms of size, and the business their offer.
  • Great understanding of customer met and unmet expectations.
  • The competitive state of the market from a value, volume and share position.
  • Cutting edge understanding of key & emerging competitors from a product, customer, channel, credit, process, technology and people perspective.
  • Implications for the above, and future trends

A Cedar market scan assignment can last between 4-8 weeks including a range of market conversations with customers, experts, regulators and competitors, besides strong secondary data analytics.

In a digital world, global benchmarking and use cases have also become key as what is in play in another market, can be brought into play in one’s own market within a short period of time.

Cedar’s market scan capability has becoming critical for clients, in a world that has turned flat!

Standard Chartered
Deutsche Bank
Emirates NBD
Dubai Islamic Bank
BNP Paribas
RBL Bank
Royal Bank of Scotland

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