Commercial & Corporate Strategy

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Commercial and Corporate Banking has always been what a bank’s asset book has been about. It’s at least 50% of the book often. It’s where bank’s put a lot of money to work… at relatively low yields. It’s where the smart relationship manager builds great corporate relationships.

But the pressure is building. Good clients have a lot of choice. Bad clients are hard to often predict before it’s too late. Products are getting more complex. Credit is important, but it still needs to business enable. The digital wave in corporate banking has started.

Cedar helps clients figure out which industries to focus on based on economic trends. It then helps figure out what the best coverage model, and the most effective utilization of RM time. It helps simplify yet strengthen credit and credit administration processes. Most importantly it helps clients, whether they are emerging, or large banks figure out their sweet spots. One size does not fit all any more.

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