CedarIBSI FinTech Lab

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Banks globally spend over $250 Bn on technology, and this number is accelerating. Driven by the FinTech revolution, banks are investing in a range of products to meet customer needs seeking instant solutions on a digital platform.

Cedar has setup its FinTech lab called called the CedarIBSI FinTech Lab in Dubai Internet City that will help suppliers access that Middle East banking technology opportunity that spend $10 Billion annually, and provide banks & insurance companies an opportunity to test & experience global FinTech products within the region in an innovative lab environment.

Cohort member benefits include:

  • Market Access : Provide start-up, emerging, and recognized suppliers an opportunity to access banking opportunities within the region leveraging Cedar’s 20 year presence and markets connects assisting banks in developing & executing technology transformation.
  • Virtual Sandbox : The Lab will offer a virtual sandbox (powered by Finastra’s FusionFabric) to banks & suppliers to allow for rapid product showcasing, but more importantly quick POCs supported by Cedar’s project management capability.
  • Investor Access:Cedar will leverage its connects with family offices, private investment offices, VC, and PE funds encouraging them to carefully evaluate & potentially invest in FinTech firms seeking capital.
  • Growth Enablers : Cedar’s strategy consulting teams can assist cohort members with regional and global corporate growth strategy leveraging its 30 year expertise in this area.
  • Lab Facilities : The state-of-the art Lab facilities include private cloud, hot seats & conference room facilities, sanitized data sets of bank customer data that can be used in a POC, and range of other standard work space conveniences.

If you are a FinTech company, a bank, or an investor seeking to be a cohort member of the CedarIBSI FinTech Lab, please immediately contact us for a full presentation and membership form.

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“The lab not only provides us an opportunity to connect and showcase our capabilities with our prospects and customers, but also serves as a platform for exchange of emerging trends and innovations in the Banking and Financial Services industry. ”

S. Sundararajan, Chief Executive Officer
i-exceed Technology Solutions

“As an industry leader both in the areas of QA/QE space and having pioneered a number of innovations in the areas of digital, we have found the CedarIBSI Fintech lab to be a good platform for us to present our use-cases.”

Balaji Viswanathan, Managing Director

Expleo Solutions Limited

CedarIBSI is seeking a ‘Request for Information’ for an end-to-end digital-only bank platform for Retail, SME & Wealth Customers from solution providers for a leading bank in Oman.