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Cedar’s European headquarters is in London with network offices in France and Germany. Cedar has a recognized European Financial Services research & consulting practice. Its division IBS Intelligence provides a global perspective on financial technology with its iconic publication – IBS Journal and over 20 financial technology industry reports. It also helps clients including banks & PE firms in their banking technology selection and investments. Our knowledge will help banks rapidly digitize creating opportunities for innovative suppliers in the new world that is emerging.

Outside the financial services industry, in the current COVID-19 economic and business crisis, Cedar can assist clients surgically assess their present European and international market, product & competitive position and help realign it to the new market reality focusing only on that part of the business that generates profitable revenues in the short-term.

For clients that are significantly dependent on China for their supply-chain, Cedar can rapidly develop alternate sourcing options not only from India, but other alternates in US, ASIA, LATAM and even within Europe itself.

It’s time to rebuild and stay safe.

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