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Cedar has assisted 600+ US clients for four decades on market & business strategy across industry sectors. Operations include the strategic assets/brand of Technomic International, a leading US market strategy firm, which it acquired in 2007. We have proven expertise in assessing markets, competition, regulations, products, technologies, future growth trends, and developing successful market growth & entry strategies not only for the US, but globally. Cedar has also guided international clients –  European, Asian & Japanese clients on US opportunities and strategy.

In the current COVID-19 economic and business crisis, Cedar can assist clients surgically assess their current US market, product and competitive position and help realign it to the new market reality focusing only on that part of the business that generates profitable revenue in the short-term.

For clients that are significantly dependent on China for their supply-chain, Cedar can rapidly develop alternate sourcing options not only from India, but other alternates in Europe, Turkey, LATAM and even within the US itself.

Cedar’s FinTech research unit, IBS Intelligence serves US banking, private equity, consulting and fintech supplier clients. Its US FinTech research coverage is  extensive – one the world’s largest markets for FinTech systems, and investments.

Let’s help you discover new markets and sources for the COVID-19 era.

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